Characteristics of a Gifted Child


It is recognised that parents are excellent identifiers of giftedness in their children. 84% of the children whose parents say that they fit three quarters of the following characteristics, go on to score at least 120 IQ (within the superior range). Over 95% show giftedness in at least one area, but are asynchronous in their development (occurs at different times) and their weaknesses depress their IQ scores (Dr Linda Silverman -

Some of the known characteristics of a gifted child are:


Reasons well (good thinker)
Learns rapidly
Has an extensive vocabulary
Has an excellent memory
Has a long attention span (if interested)
Is sensitive (feelings hurt easily)
Shows compassion
Is perfectionistic
Is intense
Morally sensitive
Has strong curiosity
Perseverant in their interests
Has high degree of energy
Prefers older companions or adults
Has a wide range of interests
Has a great sense of humor
Early or avid reader (if too young to read, loves being read to)
Concerned with justice, fairness
Judgment mature for age at times
Is a keen observer
Has a vivid imagination
Is highly creative
Tends to question authority
Has facility with numbers
Good at jigsaw puzzles



Other factors to consider


Does your child learn rapidly, easily and efficiently?

Is your child an advanced reader?

Does your child display a great curiosity about objects, situations or events?

Does your child easily retain and use information which has been heard or read?

Does your child have a long attention span in areas of interest?

Does your child excel academically at school?

Did your child learn to speak/read earlier than their peers?

Is your child reluctant to go to school or feeling bored at school?

Do you feel you can't go to your child's school and say, "I have a gifted child," without evidence?

Is your child being under challenged by their learning environment?

Has anyone else in your family been identified as gifted?


If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, a professional assessment of your child's cognitive and academic abilities will provide useful information that may enable you to make more informed decisions about your child's educational needs.

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